About Us

The Albuquerque Public Library Foundation was founded by several long-time library volunteers who envisioned more opportunities for the Albuquerque Public Library System than could be provided by bond issues and other public monies. The volunteers particularly wanted to improve Albuquerque’s poor ranking among cities of comparable size for per capita library expenditures.

With the assistance of donors like you, the Foundation can provide tax-deductible donations to help the libraries in the following ways:

  • Accept donations for the specific benefit of the library system.
  • Reduce gaps in services caused by shortages in public funding.
  • Provide resources to meet the needs of a changing economy, diverse workforce and growing community.
  • Implement programs to introduce families to their public libraries.
  • Fund opportunities to encourage the public’s pursuit of knowledge.

Other Volunteer Groups

The following volunteer groups work in cooperation with The Albuquerque Public Library Foundation to support the needs of the Albuquerque Public Library System.

Library Advisory Board

Members of the Library Advisory Board serve as liasons among the community and city, county and state governments. They also educate the community about library funding issues. library.cabq.gov/advisoryboard

Friends of the Public Library

Along with other cultural programming, the Friends support Summer Reading, AMP Concerts, and Dia de los Niños. Friends also fund staff development and volunteer appreciation events, all through monthly and online book sales, and a bookshop. friendsofthepubliclibrary.org

Albuquerque Library patrons