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$10,000 boosts North Valley Renovation (Posted: 11/12/2013)

Total bill will top $500,000 to complete repair and replacement after July 3 fire. 50,000 new books must be purchased.

North Valley Library renovation

Sara Sanchez is one of many Albuquerque residents who loves the city's libraries. Recently, Sanchez had the opportunity to show her devotion. As the administrator of her grandfather's estate, she gave a major boost to the renovation of the North Valley Library through a gift to The Albuquerque Public Library Foundation. She says her deceased grandfather, Michigan journalist Benjamin Nathanson, often visited libraries and would have been delighted to help get North Valley's doors open again. Sanchez' donation of $10,000 on behalf of Nathanson goes a long way to make that happen.

Other donors already had given nearly $4,000 to help the library. The fire and its smoke had devastated the inside of the 13,000-square-foot building at 7704-B Second St. NW. Painstaking hand-washing of every item and surface has been proceeding. Many items were not salvageable, such as carpet, lights, dropped ceilings, metal grid-work and chrome fixtures and pipes in the bathrooms.

Painted walls and ceilings are being thoroughly cleaned and repainted. The ductwork of the heating/air conditioning system was taken apart and thoroughly cleaned. Tile and vinyl floors were salvageable and have been cleaned. The wood ceiling has been sandblasted and refinished.

The Foundation hopes the library will be open in the spring, but no specific date has been set. Workers are moving as quickly as possible and library staff asks for your patience. Announcements will be made as soon as a schedule has been determined.

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New Westside Library (Posted: 11/12/2013)

Westside Library

Groundbreaking due in December.

Generous contributors enabled the Foundation in April to give $100,000 toward the development of a new library at Central and Unser SW. This library will serve a population of 40,000. It will be the largest of all the branch libraries with 25,305 square feet. It will have a collection of 70,000 books and other media and 40 computers for the public to use.

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Library Partners Focus on Reading Readiness (Posted: 11/12/2013)

The Foundation gave 600 packets to the UNMH Young Children's Health Center and St. Joseph Community Health that invite new parents and their children to come to the library to get a library card and a free board book. The packets are in English and Spanish.

Library Baby Showers have given more than 100 parents ideas on how to encourage reading readiness at an early age. The events are sponsored by ABC Libraries with help from The Albuquerque Public Library Foundation, Albuquerque Business Education Compact, St. Joseph Community Health, UNMH, ABQ Health Partners, March of Dimes, WIC and the New Mexico Breastfeeding Task Force and others.

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I Love the Library! (Posted: 11/12/2013)

by Kathy Chilton, artist, mother, grandmother and creator of dozens of one-of-a-kind Onesies

Caleb Brackwell

I've been puzzled by what to give as baby presents to my friends' newborn grandchildren. I wanted something I could always have available and that would be suitable for all babies. There are so many options: cute stuffed animals, bright manipulative toys, useful dishes, handy equipment and clever electronics. However, I wanted to find a gift for this growing crop of babies that would be both useful and inspiring, and I loved how the library inspires young readers.

Research now confirms that babies who are read to with regularity increase their language skills and start showing interest in books and reading on their own considerably earlier than babies who lack that stimulation. A good friend of mine who was trying to complete his university studies and take care of his new baby started to read his physics textbooks aloud in an enthusiastic way. He absorbed the content and the baby loved the sound and rhythm of her father's voice.

Since parents often dress their babies in Onesies, I asked another friend to use her sewing machine to embroider "Read to me" on a Onesie. My friend moved so now I write "Read to me" with permanent markers on the Onesies or other garments like bibs. I write it in Spanish and English. Simple or elaborate designs can give the same important message and are fun to do. I also might include sturdy books and a library card application if the family doesn't have one. These families have discovered that the message encourages all people, not only the relatives, to read to the baby.

Go to our Contact page to tell us your library story. E-News may edit for appropriateness and length.

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1890s Marks Start of Library Philanthropy in Albuquerque (Posted: 11/12/2013)

Library Director Dean Smith recalls their efforts.

Old library buildings

In the 1890s, a group of women donated books, money and time to start a circulating library in Albuquerque, says Dean Smith, director of the now 17 libraries in the Albuquerque Bernalillo County library system.

The early library had several homes until 1901 when it found a permanent location in a brick school building at the corner of present day Central and Edith NE. The building had been purchased and donated to the city by Joshua and Sara Raynolds for use as a public library as long as Albuquerque citizens could raise $1,000. The library opened with 2,382 books.

Erna Fergusson and Clyde Tingley were influential in the early growth of the library. Fergusson was known as the First Lady of New Mexican Letters and was the granddaughter of wealthy merchant Franz Huning. Tingley was a city commissioner for three decades and a governor of New Mexico.

After the death in 1945 of journalist Ernie Pyle, one of Albuquerque’s most famous transplants, his heirs wanted to memorialize Pyle and his work. They left his house to the city to use as a public library. Tingley appointed Fergusson to chair a committee to develop the memorial. The Ernie Pyle Library opened to the public in 1948 as the first branch library.

Another local WW II hero, Clarence M. Botts, was honored with a bequest made by his family. A large meeting room called Botts Hall at the original Main Library was built in 1947. It offers space for the community to gather together, to learn, to engage and to remember.

Others, too, have recognized the value of the Albuquerque Public Library in their wills. The Thomason estate helped renovate Special Collections, formerly the Main Library. The estate continues to fund transportation for children’s classes to visit the library. Renovations of Special Collections also benefited from the Babski estate.

The Jirikowic estate has made a significant contribution to the new library planned for Central and Unser. The estate of Richard A. Freedman, a reader, learner, library customer and downtown Flying Star regular, was designated to purchase books of general interest to the public. A Freedman life insurance policy became the seed money to form The Albuquerque Public Library Foundation.

Such gifts make public libraries brilliant monuments, as author Toni Morrison eloquently says, “Access to knowledge is the superb, the supreme act of truly great civilizations. Of all the institutions that purport to do this, free libraries stand virtually alone in accomplishing this mission. No committee decides who may enter, no crisis of body or spirit must accompany the entrant. No tuition is charged, no oath sworn, no visa demanded. Of the monuments humans build for themselves, very few say touch me, use me, my hush is not indifference, my space is not barrier. If I inspire awe, it is because I am in awe of you and the possibilities that dwell in you.”

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Acts of Generosity, 2012-2013 (Posted: 11/12/2013)

Please join our many donors with your own year-end, tax-deductible contribution online, with a check or through United Way.


  • $5,000 and up
    The estate of Richard Freedman
    The estate of Robert Jirikowic
    The estate of Benjamin Nathanson
    The estate of Dr. George Waldriff

    Diane & Robert Fleming
    The estate of Hazel B. Lodge
    NM Science Fiction Association
    Pamela & Richard Salmon
    Lynn Schibeci & Stephen Spitz

    Kathy & Lance Chilton
    Julia & Gil Clarke
    Andrea Escher
    Judy & Chuck Gibbon
    Tamara Grybko
    Jan & Ken Harper
    Howard Henry
    Mary & Robert Julyan
    Carol Merovka
    Janet Saiers

  • $100-$499
    Linda & Carl Alongi
    Janice Arnold-Jones & John Jones
    Sue Barnard
    Jackie & Tim Bowen
    Wayne Bower
    Susan Broidy
    Sarah Belle Brown
    Philip & Jennifer Brown/Dwyer
    Dana & Fred Bungé
    Cindy & Jennifer Burns
    Barbara Busch
    Mary & Michael Callahan
    Natasha Carty
    Judy & Stephen Chreist
    Jean Civikly & Ray Powell
    Francine Cogan
    Mary & Joe Cotruzzola
    Emile Courreges
    Ann DeHart & Robert Milne
    Julie & Steven Denning
    Laurance & Alexis DuPont
    Elisabeth Duran
    Gay Dybwad
    Lauren Fernandez
    Nancy & Doug Francis
    Ruth & Ken Frazier
    Maria & Rod Geer
    Jewel Glavey
    Anne & Dick Gonzales
    Jacqueline Guaderrama
    Alice Haddix
    Elizabeth Haskett
    Kathryn & John Hoover
    Elois & Patrick Hurley
    Shannon & Patrick Hurley
    Suzanne Jollensten
    Mary Theresa Jorosz
    Gale Kaplan
    Richard Kirschner
    Allene & Walter Kleweno
    Shelley & Herb Koffler
    Marilyn Kunde
    Laura & Charles Lefkofsky
    Linda Lewis
    Jane Ann & Jim Lunn
    Toni Martorelli
    Sandra & Bruce Masson
    Christina Miles
    Martha Miller
    Eileen O'Connell
    Diane Harrison Ogawa
    Renee & Chris Patton
    Sandra Penn
    M/S Pino & Hofstedt
    Theresa Pribyl
    Betsy & Russ Raskob
    Kathleen & Will Raskob
    Richard Raskob & Catherine Maclean
    Kathleen & John Rich
    Bev & Regner Rider
    Gerri Rivera
    Patricia Claire Rodgers
    Marylou Ruud & Doug Chevrier
    Carol & Bruce St. John
    Mary & Joe Sabatini
    Priscilla Sanders & Lonnie Essres
    Susan & Thomas Slates
    Michael Stewart
    P.K. Strong
    Pamela Sullivan & Thomas Tumolillo
    Carol & Donald Tallman
    Jessica Taylor & John Gibbon
    Chandler & Richard Todd
    Sarah & Harry Weaver
    Elizabeth & Wallace Wendell
    Mary Adams Wotherspoon
    Julie & Joseph Wright

  • Up To $99
    Judith & Otto Appenzeller
    Jan & Fred Bales
    Joan Bamrick
    Kathryn Bennett
    Barbara & Phillip Bowman
    Jan Bray
    JoAnn Carchman
    Gary S. Chase
    Seth Chavez
    Ellann Cohen
    Susan Conway
    Shirley Daugherty
    Betsy Davis
    Linda Morgan Davis
    Mary Lou Edward
    Janith Edwards
    Kathleen Falk
    Syd & Mark Farrell
    Virginia & Frank Feather
    Evelyn Feltner
    Michael Garcia
    Sue & William Gardner
    Mary Gerhart
    Patty & Chris Gibbon
    Eloise Gift
    Michele Gillett
    Judy & Charles Gilman
    Judith & Robert Gish
    Joan & Neil Goldberg
    Felice Grad
    Patricia Haber
    Brandon Haines
    Cheryl Ann Harris
    Janice & John Houser
    Ardyce J. Kirk
    Melinda & Kenneth Knoll
    Carol & Chuck Kreis
    Anne Lefkofsky
    Lisa Leahigh
    Carol & Art Lynch
    Melissa & Angus Macpherson
    Antonia Mahon
    Macon McCrossen
    Martha Miller
    Michelle Miller
    Mimi Montgomery
    Carol & James Moye
    Cheryl Mugleston
    Ann & James Nelson
    David Packman & Carol Dill
    Patricia Palmer
    Wendy Parker-Wood & Bev Nulman
    Ila Dee Parnell
    Robert Parsons
    Jerie Pederson
    Roni Polk
    Veronica Reed & LeRoy Lehr
    Alexandra Salmon & Eric Thomas
    Tiana J. Scott
    Diana & Jerome Shea
    Mona Corcoran Sherrell
    Donna Shockley
    Debra Shoemaker
    Suzanne Silva
    Paul Smit
    Jane Sprague & James Burbank
    Corinne Thevenet
    Robert Thompson
    Lonna & Allan Trosclair
    Leigh Turner
    Anne Valdez
    Ceil & Fred Van Berkel
    Pamela Walker
    Yinan Wang
    Chenyi Wei
    Kathleen Winslow
    Martha Wolf
    Marion Woolam
    Carolyn & Roy Yanagida
    Frederick Yost

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Audience Enchanted by Hillerman and Characters (Posted: 11/12/2013)

Spider Woman's Daughter

Anne Hillerman performed her magic at the KiMo Theatre Oct. 1 when she launched Spider Woman's Daughter in an engaging multimedia presentation. Images of the mystical and lonely landscape of the Navajo nation, as well as a look into her father's and her lives were projected on a screen as a back drop to the narrations. Talented actors brought the characters of Bernie Manuelito and Jim Chee to life on stage.

Hillerman’s book follows in the footsteps of her father’s famous stories set in the Navajo nation. She continues the tradition of weaving together history and mystery, but takes her novel in a new direction by focusing on and developing the characters of police officers, Manuelito and Chee who are in pursuit of justice while trying to solve a vicious murder.

The presentation also was exceptional in its approach of engaging the audience in the creative process of writing a novel. Hillerman discussed the genre of mystery, her father’s unique talents for spinning tales, and her rich heritage of growing up in New Mexico.

Hillerman and Bookworks sponsored the evening for the benefit of The Albuquerque Public Library Foundation. Hillerman and Spider Woman’s Daughter was featured in the Fall 2013 issue of UNM's Mirage Magazine.

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Library Bonds (Posted: 11/12/2013)

In the City of Albuquerque's Oct. 8 election, 72 percent of voters approved the passage of library bonds. The Foundation thanks everyone who voted.

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Sign Up for a Library Card (Posted: 03/25/2013)

Albuquerque Library patrons