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Library Donors Honored (Posted: 11/13/2014)

Donors were honored Sept. 27, 2014 at DSG Gallery, which features the work of Nancy Kozikowski, Chuck Gibbon, Lori King and recording artist Sid Fendley.

Donors honored at DSG Gallery
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Voting Results Add Value to our Libraries (Posted: 11/13/2014)

Bernalillo County was authorized by 74 percent of November 4 voters to issue $1,800,000 in general obligation bonds for the county's libraries.

How You Can Help

The Foundation appreciates the voters support; however, our libraries rank well below average per capita compared to libraries in cities with whom we compete for economic development, such as Austin, Tucson or Colorado Springs.

The literacy needs of our community remain, which is why The Albuquerque Public Library Foundation was initiated in 2013. Click here if you would like to make a donation.

You also can help by signing up for Amazon Prime and at Smith’s grocery stores.

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North Valley Library Reopening Features Jim Belshaw (Posted: 07/24/2014)

Opening a library that has been gutted by smoke from a fire of unknown origin is reason for celebration. Many visitors came to the North Valley Library, 7704 Second St. NW, June 22, 2014, not only to see the new interior and early literacy center, but also to hear New Mexico writer and former Albuquerque Journal columnist, Jim Belshaw, talk about how the library felt just like a home where you’d like to stay awhile.

He praised the commitment by donors, the Albuquerque Public Library System staff, volunteers and The Albuquerque Public Library Foundation for bringing new life to the 14,000-square-foot building. The fire incident caused major smoke damage, destroying 80 percent of the 50,000 items in its collection.

New lighting, carpet and heating and cooling systems were installed, and sections were created for adults, young adults and children. Numerous literacy activities take place for people of all ages and education. In addition to regular books and periodicals, audio books, e-books and periodicals, and e-resources for any conceivable subject are available. Go to www.abclibrary.org/northvalley for further information.

Jim BelshawJim BelshawJim BelshawPhotos of Jim Belshaw by Rod Geer
Other photos by Robert Fleming
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Central & Unser Library in Progress (Posted: 11/17/2014)

The Central and Unser Library continues on schedule with a probable Spring 2015 opening.

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A Word with Writers Fills KiMo (Posted: 06/16/2014)

A lively inaugural conversation called A Word with Writers, cosponsored by The Albuquerque Public Library Foundation and Bookworks drew a crowd of 600 in May to hear renowned authors George RR Martin and Diana Gabaldon.

Martin is best known for A Song of Ice and Fire, his internationally best-selling series that HBO has adapted for its TV series, Game of Thrones. Diana Gabaldon, the author of the internationally bestselling Outlander series. The moderator and foundation board member was Stephen Spitz. Spitz is the author, interviewer and broadcaster of The Spitz Report, which airs on at 8 a.m. on KUNM, 89.9, the second Friday of each month.

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2014 JCC Book Fest & Author Series (Posted: 10/15/2014)

JCC Bookfest
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Donors to the North Valley Library Fire Restoration (up to May 14, 2014) (Posted: 07/10/2014)

Carl & Linda Alongi
Jack & Laurel Babcock
Jan Bray
Craig Chrissinger
Emile Courreges
Julie & Steve Denning
Elisabeth Duban
Jennifer Dwyer & Philip Brown
Andrea Escher
Diane & Robert Fleming
William & Sue Gardner
Ilse J Gay

Judy & Chuck Gibbon
Joan & Neil Goldberg
Richard & Anne Gonzales
Janice & John Houser
Jo Anne Jager
Gail Kaplan
Linda Lewis
Marilyn Lovett
John & Sandra Marron
David Mehlman
Martha Miller

Novak MPGJ Family Fund - Tom & Deb Novak
Richard & Marian Nygren
Eileen O'Connell
Wendy Parker-Wood & Bev Nulman
Ila Dee Parnell
Ms. Jerrie Pedersen
Letitia Peirce
Roni Polk
Suzanne Redfern-Campbell
Bev & Reg Rider

Patricia Claire Rodgers
Joe & Mary Sabatini
Sara Sanchez
Judith & Jennifer Settle
Diana & Jerome Shea
Tom & Susan Slates
Constance Smith
Carol & Bruce St. John
Harold & Andrea Sunderman
Terry & Diane Taggart
Dr. Mark & Kathryn Yarbrough
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I Love the Library! (Posted: 04/04/2014)

Janet and Bob Ford call librarians their heroines. They love each librarian's "picks," the new book sections, and periodicals, whether they are at the Tony Hillerman, Cherry Hills or Erna Fergusson branches. They go at least once a week and always discover new treasures. They never fail to head for the library when their grandchildren visit.

Janet and Bob Ford call librarians their heroines. They love each librarian’s “picks,” the new book sections, and periodicals, whether they are at the Tony Hillerman, Cherry Hills or Erna Fergusson branches. They go at least once a week and always discover new treasures.

Janet recalls riding her bicycle to her hometown Iowa library as early as age 7. She would fill up her bike basket with books about horses and later, science fiction. She did her high school research in the library. Janet, a writer, and Bob, a retired financial advisor, also wander the stacks for familiar authors and look for books whose reviews they have read.

Both also are community volunteers.They believe the library system is an often overlooked resource for businesses. “Just about anything you want, those librarians can find it.”

As a general contractor, Gary Simpson spends most of his time on the road or at a construction site, a lifestyle that gave him little time to sit and read. Meticulous and thoughtful, he speaks excitedly about his new-found love: audio books.

Simpson renewed his 20-year-old library card at the Cherry Hills Library and now downloads audio books back-to-back. He notes that digital books provide several benefits. They shrink our environmental footprint, eliminate problems of losing or damaging a book and can be carried everywhere. "I'm psyched," Simpson says, eager to plug into his next book. "They fit with my lifestyle."

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Library Confidential: Los Griegos Library (Posted: 04/04/2014)

"We love our patrons," says Los Griegos Library head librarian, Sue Heitz. Many young families with children come from the surrounding schools, including Griegos, MacArthur, and La Luz Elementary Schools.

Story times and Every Child Ready to Read® programs attract many children, parents, grandparents and caregivers. Retired people living nearby also enjoy the library's friendly atmosphere.

Los Griegos maintains a large international collection, much of it in Spanish, but also takes pride in its books from a sister city in Turkmenistan.

And another librarian, Brian Ho, has a background in Chinese and German languages. Besides studying linguistics at UNM, he especially is helpful on new technological devices, such as smart phones, iPads and Kindles.

The library, at 1000 Griegos Rd. NW, originally was built in 1956 and extensively remodeled in 1989.

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Acts of Generosity (Posted: 06/16/2014)

Without the help of our many generous donors who responded to the needs for the North Valley Library following a devastating fire last July, as well as those who donated throughout the year and those who responded to our annual appeal in December 2013, we would not be able to bring new collections, furniture, infrastructure and cleanliness back the North Valley Library as quickly and safely as we did.

Sara Sanchez recently gave major boost of $10,000 from her deceased grandfather’s estate to the renovation of the North Valley Library. Her grandfather, Michigan journalist Benjamin Nathanson, often visited libraries and would have been delighted to help get North Valley's doors open again.

We hope you will join us for a celebration at North Valley June 22 from 3-5 p.m.

The Albuquerque Public Library Foundation passed its first year's anniversary April 28, 2014. We are grateful to you for keeping our 17 libraries active and for making literacy and learning events, free-access computers, materials and e-resources available without charge to the whole community.

We will continue to keep you apprised of our programs, projects and most urgent needs.

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Grant for Solar Education Outreach (Posted: 04/04/2014)

The ABC Library has been awarded a grant by the New Mexico Library Foundation for a solar educational outreach program that will help students think critically and increase STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) literacy through the study of solar cycles. In partnership with the Albuquerque Astronomical Society, the library has purchased a Lunt Solar Telescope and accessories in addition to other project supplies. (Go to abclibrary.org/csc for more information.)

The Albuquerque Astronomical Society, TAAS, is a non-profit organization of over 300 amateur astronomers from all walks of life across New Mexico. TAAS has been sharing New Mexico skies for more than 40 years, and is Albuquerque's leading public education resource for astronomy. Since 1959, TAAS’s primary function has been public education, research, and the enjoyment of a common passion, the heavens. TAAS can be contacted on the TAAS HOTLINE at 254-TAAS (254-8227) or www.taas.org.

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North Valley Reopens with Visit from Belshaw June 22 (Posted: 04/04/2014)

Jim Belshaw, New Mexico columnist and writer, will be a featured guest at the North Valley Library's open house June 22, 3-5 p.m. The celebratory family-centered event marks the completion of renovations necessary after last summer's fire. Many donors helped fund the clean-up, new furniture and many new collections. Bring your children to enjoy exciting activities.

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New Literary Series Begins May 10 and Benefits Library Foundation (Posted: 04/04/2014)

Bookworks and The Albuquerque Public Library Foundation are collaborating on a new literary series to feature writers conversation with one another. Proceeds from ticket sales will benefit The Albuquerque Public Library Foundation.

A Word with Writers inaugural event is May 10, 7 p.m., at the KiMo Theatre. George RR Martin and Diana Gabaldon, both renowned sci-fi and fantasy authors have works published in a new anthology, Dangerous Women (Tor Books, January 2014). Dangerous Women is edited by Martin, with work by Gabaldon and other authors writing about "dangerous women."

Martin is best known for A Song of Ice and Fire, his internationally best-selling series that HBO has adapted for its TV series, Game of Thrones.

Martin also owns the newly renovated Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe, which shows independent movies and the Game of Thrones series. In 2011, Time Magazine named Martin as one of its 100 most influential people in the world.

In conversation with Martin will be Diana Gabaldon, the author of the internationally bestselling Outlander series. Gabaldon’s work merges multiple genres, including sci-fi, fantasy, romance, historical fiction, and mystery. The Outlander series is being adapted as a Starz original television series, to debut in summer of 2014. A trained zoologist, Gabaldon was a science editor and university professor before embarking upon a successful career as a novelist. She splits her time between Arizona and Santa Fe. A new Outlander book, Written in My Own Heart’s Blood, comes out in June.

“We are excited to partner with The Albuquerque Public Library Foundation to promote our love of reading, to hear amazing authors speak about their craft, and to raise funds for the library system, an essential need in our community,” says Bookworks co-owner Danielle Foster.

“We are so pleased to work with Bookworks to bring these well-known and beloved authors to Albuquerque,” says Julia Clarke, president of The Albuquerque Public Library Foundation. “This should be an outstanding program, and we hope the authors’ admirers will join us on May 10th.”

Tickets for the series are $7 for general admission. The first seven rows of the theatre will be sold in advance for $20 each. Tickets will be available through the KiMo Theatre ticketing, at 421 Central, or online at kimotickets.com. Authors will sign books after the talk, and books will be available for purchase in the lobby from Bookworks. Attendees will be allowed to bring in one previously purchased book, and authors will sign a limit of two books per person.

“We hope this series will highlight the outstanding authors we have available to us here in Albuquerque and also raise awareness for public libraries and independent bookselling,” says Bookworks marketing director Amanda Sutton. “We are excited to continue our history of collaboration with the library system in an even-bigger, even-better way with A Word with Writers.”

For more information, please contact Amanda Sutton, events and marketing director for Bookworks: events@bkwrks.com or 505-344-8139.

When: May 10, 7 p.m., doors open at 6 p.m.
Where: KiMo Theatre, 421 Central Ave. NW
Tickets: $20 first 7 rows, $7 all others
Available: online at kimotickets.com or at the door

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